Homeschool Goals: Our 6 Goals for December

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Happy December! Can you believe we are in the final month of 2016? I need time to slow down just a little because my 16-year-old is nearing his senior year of high school and I am not ready! 🙂 Having two teens and two toddlers has really taught me how to cherish every single milestone my children reach no matter their age. This is just one of many reflections I have been pondering as I continue to look back on 2016. And of course with a new month comes new goals! Today I am going to share our December 2016 Homeschool Goals.

Homeschool Edition

How did we do with our November homeschool goals?

We stayed consistent with our new preschool schedule. I even had some days where I didn’t feel like doing school, but I pushed through it. And I’m so glad I did! Zhen and Zechariah loved the consistency and the activities I had planned for them. Zhen would get really excited and ask me if it was time to do a new lesson. Zechariah loved our calendar and weather songs we did in November. He loved helping us put the dates on the calendar and he enjoyed singing and dancing to the weather songs.

More practice with multiplication.

For Michala, we weren’t able to get to 3-digit multiplication, but she did work really hard on her 2-digit multiplication. She’s been doing a great job with her multiplication. I’m really proud of all of her hard work. For December, she will continue to focus on multiplication and she will begin 3-digit multiplication. One thing I love about homeschooling is if one of the kids need extra time on a particular concept, we can take our time with it until he/she completely understands it.

December 2016 Homeschool Goals

Bible study is a go for December!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to start weekly Bible study in November. It is definitely on our goal list for December! As for the three field trips, we visited the library a few times and when my family came to town to visit us, my sister took the teens out a few times. I scheduled the kids’ dental checkups; still need to schedule the doctor appointments. We’re currently looking for a new pediatrician. And we did manage to get the house ready in time for our family visiting for Thanksgiving.

We accomplished so much in November!

So even though there were a a few goals we didn’t meet, I still feel it was a good month for us because we did accomplish quite a bit. I think we did a good job with our November goals. It was my first time creating monthly goals for our homeschool. I really liked writing out the monthly goals and seeing what we needed to focus on for the month. It helped me stay focused on working hard to reach our goals. One thing I will change for monthly goals is printing out the goals and hanging it up on the bulletin board in our school room. I think having the goals on display will be a great reminder of what we need to do for the month.

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Homeschool Edition
December Goals

Plan lessons for December.

Well, I can go ahead and check this one off the list! I finished all lesson planning for preschool and my teens. Woot! Woot! I feel very accomplished now.

Teach the meaning of Advent.

We celebrate Advent as part of our faith and Christmas traditions. Last year, we really didn’t talk about Advent much (shame on me). So this Christmas, I am making it a point to teach Advent to my toddlers and teens. I ordered a magnetic advent wreath to use as a visual for teaching Advent. I also ordered a Little People Nativity set for my toddlers. I’ve been really focusing on the concept of learning through play, so I think the Little People set will be perfect for teaching Advent and the Nativity.

Create lesson bags.

I have our local public library to thank for this idea. About a month ago we started checking out activity bags at the library. The bags are filled with two books and activities to go along with the books. I’ve been using them for lessons with Zhen and Zechariah. One day I was thinking, “Hey! I could easily make my own lesson bags.” So I ordered two clear bags from Amazon and I am going to create our own lesson bags from now on. I’ll still use the library’s bags if they have something good. But they don’t update their bags very often. Plus, it will be better if I create our own bags to go with the lessons I have planned. I will write a blog post about how I created the lesson bags and generate a tutorial.

December 2016 Homeschool Goals
Last Christmas, we explored the city murals.

Keep teens focused on the last two weeks of school.

I know everyone is antsy for the holidays. Public school studies typically shut down their brains the last two weeks before a holiday break or summer break. Well, it’s not any different with homeschool students! 🙂 My teens get really excited for their break that it can be challenging at times to get schoolwork done. So I am definitely making this one of our monthly goals! I already have their lessons planned for the next two weeks. I made sure to include fun activities in conjunction with their regular academics. That way they will be a little more motivated to get the important stuff done.

Create DIY Christmas Decor

Speaking of fun activities, I have a few fun Christmas arts and crafts planned for everyone. We’re going to make a gingerbread house, ugly Christmas sweater cookies, Christmas ornaments, and other crafts. I would also like to teach the teens at least one baking lesson. Maybe how to make sugar cookies from scratch or another Christmas treat.

Go on one field trip.

I have one field trip planned for the kids. We’re going downtown in the city to a family event. Then we will get lunch. I would also like to take them to a Christmas concert.

December 2016 Homeschool Goals


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