Review: Fizzy Foamy Science Experiment

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Fizzy Foamy Science

Sometimes I like to plan a lesson for my three school-aged children to work on together. I find this method of scaffolding to be very beneficial for all children. Their different learning levels motivate one another and the group lesson is also a great way for my children to connect with each other. One group lesson I recently planned was a science experiment project I bought from Scientific Explorer called Fizzy Foamy Science.

About the Fizzy Foamy Science Experiment

Fizzy Foamy Science is a science experiment which teaches students how to create foam and fizz by mixing safe liquids and safe powders. Think of the old erupting volcano experiment from your science fair days. This project teaches children how to create that volcano eruption impact without the volcano (although you could very well create a volcano and use the solutions from this project).

The science kit features seven activities, including the safe liquids and safe powders (vegetable oil, citric acid, baking soda, baking yeast, and color tablets). Other lab tools included are plastic bags, plastic cups, stirring sticks, a mini magnifying glass, measuring spoon, and the activity guide.

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Fizzy Foamy Science
Elijah reading the directions to the Fizzy Foamy Science Project.

How to Scaffold the Fizzy Foamy Science Project

Fizzy Foamy Science is geared for ages 6 and up, so for my teens it is on a more “easy” science level and an “advanced” level for my preschooler. I felt by grouping the teens with my preschooler, it was a great way to enhance all of the children’s learning experience.

For instance, the teens used their Early Childhood Development skills by leading a learning activity for a preschooler. As they guided Zhen with the science experiment, they utilized their leadership skills and they demonstrated flexibilty by tailoring the lesson to her learning level. My children are very close and enjoy spending time with each other. So understanding Zhen’s learning level is not a challenge for them.

Similarly, my preschooler also gained valuable learning skills by participating in a science lab with the teens. Zhen learned science and math skills, such as how to measure liquids and problem solving skills.

Fizzy Foamy Science
Michala working together with Zhen on the Fizzy Foamy Science Project.
Fizzy Foamy Science
Zhen enjoyed the science project.

Fizzy Foamy Science Good for Sensory

The science project was also a great sensory activity for my preschooler because she was able to use four out of five of her senses.

  1. Sight: watching the chemical reactions as a fizzy or foamy concoction was created.
  2. Sound: listening to the fizz sound as the chemicals were combined.
  3. Touch: touching the foamy substance of the liquids.
  4. Smell: smelling the citrus scent or the apple scent, for example, as safe liquids were combined.

*Taste was not a sense used for this project because once the safe liquids were combined with the baking soda and citrus acid, the liquids were no longer edible.

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Fizzy Foamy Science
Elijah listens to see if the liquid will make a fizzing sound.
Fizzy Foamy Science
Zhen touches the foam. She thought the foamy science project was really cool!

What did the kids think of the Fizzy Foamy Science Experiment?

All three children loved the experiment.  Elijah and Zhen took turns pouring and stirring the samples into the cup.

I asked my son Elijah (16) how he felt about the project because I know it was on an easy level compared to his grade level of tenth grade high school. Elijah said he really enjoyed doing the science experiment with his sisters and helping Zhen (3) understand what a science experiment is and how learning science can be fun.

“I thought it was pretty interesting, as far as seeing the different things fizz, for instance the vegetable oil rising. It got the gears turning in my head. It made me feel like we were scientists. I think it brought us (Zhen, Michala, and Elijah) closer together as friends.” -Elijah, age 16

Fizzy Foamy Science
Elijah found the science project to be very interesting.

Michala really got into the experiment. She read the instructions and recorded the results for each activity. I observed her asking probing questions and making predictions about how each chemical would react.

“It was cool! I really liked it. It helped me better understand science, the experiments and stuff.” -Michala, age 14

Fizzy Foamy Science
Michala pours lemonade into a container to test it.

Zhen was very engaged in the experiment and didn’t take her eyes off the project. She loved pouring the liquids into the plastic cups and stirring the solutions together.

“It was good!” -Zhen, age 3

Fizzy Foamy Science
Zhen loved using the mini magnifying glass to examine the science project.

I supervised the project, of course, but with the teens’ leadership, I didn’t really need to intervene. They had everything under control. And Zhen was on her best behavior and very focused on the activity. I think it made her feel good to be included with the teens because she loves learning new things. And the teens enjoyed working with their little sister and teaching her a new science concept.

Fizzy Foamy Science
Zhen looks closely at the science experiment. The Fizzy Foamy Science project comes with a mini magnifying glass.

Who is Scientific Explorer?

Scientific Explorer features an assortment of science projects for children. I cannot give them enough praise. They have many, wonderful learning activities from age infant to teen. Their home science kits are “based on the nationally recognized Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program pioneered at UC Berkley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.” I plan on ordering a few more home science kits for my kids this month!

Fizzy Foamy Science
My children enjoyed this science project so much. We will definitely order more projects from Science Explorer!
Fizzy Foamy Science
PIN THIS! Save to your homeschool activity board to try for your science lab!

What science projects are you working on this week?

Special Note: The Fizzy Foamy Science Kit is recommended for ages 6 and up and requires adult supervision. The science kit is not recommended for small children. This is why my teens worked together with my preschooler and I supervised the experiment.


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  1. Mary Barham

    November 8, 2016 at 07:03

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE science experiments with the kids… maybe it is because I taught science for a year haha but I am def going to try this one! I know they’ll love it!

  2. JeeYoung W

    November 8, 2016 at 09:53

    This is such a cool project/experiment! Saving this for the future with my almost 4 yo!

  3. Beth

    November 8, 2016 at 17:07

    This would be a really fun experiment if you were a child! I would have loved to have learned from it!

  4. Vaishnavi

    November 9, 2016 at 12:15

    Wow. This is uber cool. Love this. So will by girl. A great weekend activity for me and my little one – Thank you!!

  5. Jae | Dreaming of Leaving

    November 9, 2016 at 18:45

    This looks super cool! My niece and nephew would go crazy over making this lol great post! xo

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