Homeschool High School: 11th Grade Spring Studies

Time is flying! Today I counted on my calendar we have exactly seven weeks of homeschool high school left in our Spring session. Actually, make that six weeks of school left because we’re taking our long awaited spring break the last week of April, which is next week! All of the public schools have already taken their spring breaks, but we decided to take our break later in April to ensure we’d have more good weather days.

With only six weeks of school remaining for spring session, I hope we are able to complete as much work as we can. I am really proud of my teens for all of the work they have accomplished so far. They have been working really hard this school year. We’ve had some hard days/weeks, too, where I had to do a lot of nudging and fussing, but overall, the teens have been doing a great job with their studies.

Today’s post is about what Elijah is currently studying for homeschool high school, grade 11.

This is part of a 3-part mini series I am sharing this week about what my kids are learning this spring: Elijah, Mj and the toddlers.

Homeschool High School: 11th Grade Spring Studies

Homeschool Edition

Biology: CK-12 Biology and Time4Learning (T4L)

Elijah primarily uses CK-12 Biology now because he likes how thorough the lessons are and the Khan Academy videos embedded into the lessons. (Elijah LOVES Khan Academy.) We use T4L as for supplemental learning. I like how CK-12 features FlexBook® Textbooks. The FlexBook® Textbooks feature more lesson activities and worksheets for learning enrichment. They even offer a teacher’s edition with answers to the lessons, quizzes, and tests.

And get this: it’s all FREE! Yep! I was shocked, too. It’s a great program that both my son and I recommend. I’ll write a separate blog post review on our experience using CK-12 because we absolutely love it!


Honors Algebra: T4L, Khan Academy, and IXL

Elijah uses T4L Honors Algebra as his primary learning source. I schedule activities on IXL and Khan Academy for extra math practice. We both love how IXL and Khan Academy grades his math work instantly and gives him feedback on his responses. For instance, if Elijah gets a problem wrong, both IXL and Khan Academy will explain the reason why the answer is incorrect and will give him the correct answer.

I like how all three programs (T4L, IXL, and Khan Academy) keep track of Elijah’s progress. IXL even has an “Analytic” feature which will tell me what the learning standards are for each lesson activity. Elijah enjoys the teaching videos by Sal on Khan Academy.

“I can tell based off of Sal’s videos that he knows what he’s talking about. Sal also speaks in a way that he’s generally interested in the viewer’s education. And I also like how interactive the whole website is, as far as being able to talk to other students and teachers. The teachers teach in a way that make the subject more enjoyable. I also like the “level up system” and how you earn different types of badges for achieving challenging goal. The last thing I like is Khan Academy is FREE and there are many interesting subjects.” ~Elijah, age 17

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English: T4L, IXL, Independent Reading (library books)

We use T4L as a primary learning source for Elijah’s high school English studies. Currently, he is studying the poetry unit. We also use IXL’s language arts section for extra learning practice. For added enrichment, we rely heavily on the library for reading material.

Elijah does a lot of free reading on his own and occasionally I will assign novels for a reading assignment. I always make sure the library has the book available so I don’t have to spend any money on it.


U.S. Government: T4L, YouTube Videos

For U.S. Government, T4L is again another primary learning source. I also assign educational YouTube videos on various U.S. government topics to coincide with the learning topic Elijah is learning on T4L.

Here’s an example of an educational video Elijah has watched for learning more about the Federalist Papers. The video is called “The Federalist Papers Explained” and it’s by Keith Hughes. If you are unable to watch the video on my blog post, here is the link.


Current Events: Channel One News, Other News Sources

I started a new subject for my teens a couple of years ago. I call it “Current Events”. I felt it was important for them to become more aware of the world around them and important issues. I remember watching Channel One News when I was in middle and high school so I thought I’d have the teens start watching it, too.

We access Channel One through their website.We like how Channel One not only features the top news stories, but they also focus on subject matter which is important to teens. For instance, they feature informative and positive news stories about teens. It’s a great way for the teens to feel connected and encourage them to stay connected to the news.

Sometimes Elijah chooses a different news source to watch, such as CBS News and EWTN News— a Catholic news program. It just depends on what he’s in the mood for watching.

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Computer Technology: Khan Academy, PC/Video games

Last year for Computer Technology, Elijah took a Minecraft Electronics class at a local homeschool group. This year, Elijah has been using Khan Academy for his Computer Technology studies. Khan Academy offers a Computing courses such as Computer Programming, Computer Science, and Hour of Coding.

And for some fun time, we count computer games and video games as computer technology.


Homeschool High School
Elijah cooking a homemade recipe.

Home Economics: Cooking Lessons, Grocery Shopping, Life Skills, Personal Finance

This spring I have been teaching the teens more cooking lessons. There are two reasons why: (1) to teach them how to be more independent and care for themselves and (2) to help me out after I have the baby. We have been focusing on a new cooking lesson once every two weeks. So far they have learned how to make Mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup, tator tot taco casserole, spaghetti with beef, and buttermilk cornbread.

Other home economic topics we have been focusing on are grocery shopping: price comparison, how to make a grocery list, and reading the nutrition labels. Various life skills such as cleaning a home and basic car care (Elijah took a class on this, too.). Personal finance has been about why it is important to have a budget when managing your money and how to make a budget. Since Elijah will be 18 soon, we both agreed learning money management is a very important life skill he needs to know.

And that’s what my son is studying this spring! Elijah says his most challenging subjects are Algebra and Biology, but he likes being challenged. He’s been doing very well with all of his subjects. I’m very proud of him and all of his hard work. 🙂

Next post will be about what Mj, my teen daughter, is studying this spring.

If you have any questions about the resources Elijah is using for school, please ask! I’m happy to help. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


*This is NOT a sponsored post. Just my honest opinion on the resources we love and use!*


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