Field Trip: Homeschooling at the Lake

Now that it’s Spring is FINALLY here I am excited about getting out of the house and spending more times outdoors and in the city. The past two weeks I have made it a point to get the kids to the lake for some nature exploring and fresh air.

Unfortunately, the Z’s favorite playground has been torn down so they haven’t been able to play on the playground at the lake. The playground site is undergoing renovations and a new playground will be ready by summertime. In the meantime, the Z’s have been enjoying running around on the beach and the walking trails. I’m also very happy that the toddlers enjoy exploring the lake discovering nature around them.

The kids favorite playground at the lake was torn down and a new one is being built.
Zhen and Daddy playing on the playground at the lake.
I must admit, the playground was also a favorite of mine. 🙂

Toddlers Discover Nature

Last week, for instance, Zhen noticed the geese and seagull feathers on the beach. She also started looking for flowers, but they’re not in bloom yet. Zechariah was amazed by the lake and almost walked right in! I had to catch him before he got his clothes all wet. It’s really his first time experiencing the lake because when we first took him to the lake, he was just a baby.

Skateboarding at the lake is pretty cool!

Mj loves taking her skateboard with her whenever we go out to the city, parks, or the lake. When we went to the lake, she brought her skateboard along and enjoyed skating around the park. We also discovered other skateboarders enjoy skating at the lake, too. Who knew skateboarding at the lake was cool activity for teens?

Lake time means drone flying practice.

Elijah likes to bring his drone to the lake to practice flying it in open areas. He’s getting pretty good at it and is starting to feel more comfortable with navigating it. He said he just needs to work on landing the drone without it tipping over or crashing into the ground.

I don’t know why I didn’t go to the lake and the metro parks more often last spring and summer. What was I thinking? This spring and summer we’re definitely going to the lake on a regular basis!

homeschooling at the lake
My sister got Elijah a drone for Christmas. He’s been waiting for nice weather so he can fly it. The park at the lake is the perfect place for flying his drone!

Two Things.


I love that taking the kids to the lake is helping with balancing our school days. I’ve noticed when we go outside more and explore more, there’s less tension and the teens seem to complete their school work with no objections or problems. I thought it would set us back from our usual schedule, but going out to the lake has actually kept us on track with our school schedule. Another reason why I plan on scheduling more days at the lake!

And two.

It amazes me how going to the lake is a great learning experience for the kids. For my toddlers, they are learning through play and discovering nature. While the teens are getting in some exercise, relieving stress, and also discovering nature.


Stress from challenging school lessons and a new school schedule. Now that both teens are in high school, their subjects are becoming more intense. They’re finding that they have to designate times to study and some assignments take up more time to complete.

For example, Elijah is studying Biology and recently switched to a new Biology textbook. It requires reading, watching teaching videos, and completing critical thinking assignments and other worksheets. Not to mention he has quizzes and several writing assignments for other subjects, too. I plan on having him work on his Biology lab requirement over the summer. But that’s another blog post.

As for me…

Spending time at the lake has also been very beneficial for me, too. It is helping me with my anxiety and stress of some pregnancy issues (i.e. finding a provider who is a good fit for me. Yeah, still working on that.). I’m also enjoying working on my photography on our lake days. I’m not much of a nature photographer, but photographing our experiences at the lake has not only been enjoyable but it has also been a great learning experience for me. More than anything, it makes me happy to document our memories of our time together.

Rain, rain go away!

Right now it’s been raining more than there have been sunny days. If it’s not the snow and freezing temps, then it’s the rain and high winds making it very chilly outside. I’m seriously ready for more sunshine and warmer days.

homeschooling at the lake






*All photographs by J. Hamra.

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