Homeschooling Teens: Junior High Spring Studies

Homeschooling teens junior high: it can be as easy as pie! Seriously. If you’re not sure what to study this spring for your junior high teen, then check out today’s post! Today I share what Mj, my teen daughter, is studying for our spring session. Mj is 15-years-old and she is in junior high school. Her studies consist of middle and high school studies.

Home Economics: Cooking Lessons, Life Skills, and Money Management

In my previous post about my son’s spring studies, I mentioned two reasons why I’m teaching my teens to cook: (1) to learn how to cook for themselves when they are living independently and (2) to help me for after I have the baby.

Mj really enjoys cooking. She especially loves making desserts such as cakes and cupcakes. Cooking also gives us great family time. I feel like we’re creating long-lasting memories when we are cooking together.

Other home economic studies are life skills and money management. Mj, just like her brother, is also learning why budgeting money is important and how to create a budget.

Mj making homemade chicken noodle soup.

Language Arts: Time4Learning, IXL, and Independent Reading

Just like my son Elijah (age 17), we use Time4Learning (T4L) for English/Language Arts. We use IXL for extra practice in Language Arts. And Mj does a lot of independent reading on her own, which I count as school.

Currently, Mj is focusing on reading comprehension skills such as understanding main idea, details, and cause and effect. T4L features a section called “Language Arts Extensions” which has lessons such as:

  • Connect, Compare, Contrast Ideas
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Cause-and-Effect Relationships
  • Authors Purpose/Point of View
  • Understand Plot Development

I love the Language Arts Extensions section because it has really helped improve Mj’s reading comprehension skills. She is already an avid reader, but reading comprehension was not a strong point for her. T4L’s Language Arts Extensions helped Mj grow stronger with her comprehension skills. She is now making connections in when she reads literature and also in other subjects such as History!

IXL and Time4Learning are great resources for English, Math, and Science! #homeschool Click To Tweet

Life Science: T4L

Mj is studying Life Science to fulfill her science requirement. We are using the T4L Middle School Life Science program. I also added learning enrichment by teaching Mj how to take notes while watching the instruction videos. I want her to learn valuable study skills so she will be prepared for more advanced studies in high school and college.


Math: T4L and IXL

For math, we use T4L for main instruction and IXL Math for extra math practice. Sometimes I print out worksheets for additional math practice. Mj hasn’t had any issues with the T4L math lessons. She is able to understand the material very well and the worksheets which accompany the lessons have been very helpful.

homeschooling teens junior high
Mj working hard on her math assignment.

Social Studies: T4L, Liberty’s Kids, Historical Biographies and Historical Fiction Novels

If you notice a trend here, we use T4L for Mj’s core subjects. For social studies, she is studying Colonial America and the American Revolution. She also watches Liberty’s Kids for added enrichment (and enjoyment) and reads historical biographies and historical fiction novels.

I wanted to make her social studies more enjoyable and find something that would grab her attention while also retaining all of the subject matter. I remembered the TV show Liberty’s Kids from the early 2000’s. I also thought to combine historical biographies and historical fiction with her history studies.

Mj just finished reading a Harriet Tubman biography. She checked out the biography from our local library. She’s currently reading a historical fiction novel called Cate of the Lost Colony by Lisa Klein. Mj really likes Cate and the Lost Colony. She has been making connections from her social studies to the historical facts in the novel.

Liberty’s Kids was a children’s animated series which originally aired on PBS. The show focuses on the American Revolution. I like it because it makes historical connections to the American Revolution. It flows pretty well with what Mj is studying in social studies. I wasn’t sure if she’d like the show; I was afraid she’d think it was too boring or silly. But to my surprise she likes it! Sometimes she even watches it with a friend. 🙂

Mj read the biography of Harriet Tubman for her social studies. And that lovely bowl of soup was also made by Mj for her Home Economics course.

Note: I’ll share a post in the coming weeks about how to use historical fiction novels to connect to history topics your child is studying! 🙂

Having such great resources such as Time4Learning and IXL make learning fun and engaging. Mj enjoys the instructional videos on T4L and the interactive math lessons on IXL. I also keep her engaged with learning by adding on enrichment reading such as historical biographies and historical fiction novels. This is a great way to make connections to the learning topics.

The last post for my three-part mini series of “What We’re Studying This Spring” will be about what my toddlers are learning.

homeschooling teens junior high

Do you have any learning programs or resources you recommend for teens?


Thanks for reading!





“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4


**This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing my honest opinion of the resources we are using this spring! 🙂

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