Review: Page Palette Book Painting for Preschoolers

*This post is an honest review of the page palette color book. I am sharing my affiliate links to make it easier for you to find the books. If you make a purchase using my affiliate links, I may make a small commission, but it will not change the price of your purchase. See my disclosure policy for more information.

Zhen (3) really loves painting. It is one of her favorite activities to do. She has never really been into coloring books. Instead, painting has always been her thing. My husband Travis found a Barbie: Always Dreaming Page Palette Book to Color for Zhen. What’s great about the color book is she can paint the pictures. The paint book is the same as the paint with water book, only it features a paint palette on each page.

Page Palette Color Book

Palette Color Books Feature Perforated Pages

The palette color books feature perforated pages. It makes it easier to tear a page out of Zhen’s book. I then place her paint page on top of newspaper and I tape it down to the newspaper so it will stay in place. When Zhen paints, the paper tends to move so taping it down helps.

Paint Palette Featured on Each Page

Zhen really loves the paint palette featured on each page. I love it, too, because I don’t have to worry about running out of paint or her making a big mess. If you put the paint page down on scrap paper or newspaper, it doesn’t get really messy.

Page Palette Color Book
Zhen loves the page palette color book. Painting is one of her favorite art activities.

Assortment of Page Palette Color Books

The page palette books do not just come with the Barbie theme. There are many different types such as, Sophia the First, Minnie Mouse, and Doc McStuffins. Since Zhen loved her Barbie book so much, we bought her Doc McStuffins.

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Why We Love Page Palette Color Books

  • The paint palette featured on the top of the page does not get messy. Now, that doesn’t mean there is no mess at all. It wouldn’t be painting if there wasn’t a mess. What I noticed is when Zhen painted with the page palette, the mess was not as big.
  • We love the different color pages. Zhen has many different options to choose from.
  • Low cost. The page palette books do not cost that much money! This is a big mom win for me.

Page Palette Color Book

If your preschooler loves to paint, then I highly recommend buying a page palette color book. It cost less and your little one will love the design options he/she has to choose from.

Does your preschooler love to paint?

Page Palette Color Book
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