7 November Homeschool Goals

Happy November! Today I am sharing seven homeschool goals I have set for our homeschooling. Lately, I have really been focusing on goal-setting and following through with projects. I am hoping by identifying and writing my monthly goals, it will help us accomplish our projects/tasks by the end of the month.

Our homeschool Fall semester started off rocky. In the summertime, our family suffered tragedy back-to-back. In June, my mother-in-law passed away, and then in July, I suffered a miscarriage. It was our fifth baby. So as you can imagine, things have been very hard as we have been grieving the loss of Travis’ mom and our baby. But I have been praying FERVENTLY for God’s healing and His strength to get us through this difficult time.

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. -Psalm 30:2

We were still able to start school on time, but it was a challenge for us. It took me three months to get back into a smooth routine with the kids. So I am really looking forward to a new month to start fresh. I am also ready for 2017 because the second half of 2016 has been very challenging.

November is also a short month for us. We’re taking a week off November 20 through the 27th for Thanksgiving. My family is coming to visit us during this, too, so I think it would be better for us to take the full week off.

So having a short month means we have only three weeks to get stuff done! No pressure, right? Here are my seven homeschool goals for November!

Homeschool Goals

Stay consistent with our new preschool schedule.

About a week ago, I created a new preschool schedule for my toddlers. It’s mainly for Zhen (who is newly 4 years old as of October 30th), but of course, Zechariah (16 months) tags along for the fun. 🙂 So far our new schedule has been going very well, and the toddlers are loving it! I hope to write a blog post about our new preschool schedule soon.

Work on 3-digit multiplication with Mj.

Mj (14) is working hard on her multiplication facts. She’s doing very well, and now it’s time to move on to multiplying larger numbers, i.e. 2-digits and 3-digits. This is one of my biggest homeschool goals for Mj. My goal is to help her complete multiplication by the end of November and begin long division by the beginning of December.

Weekly Bible study with the teens.

Last school semester we did Bible study four days a week. This school semester, though, we’ve only done a couple of Bible study sessions. Again, it’s been a little rocky with the family deaths. But my goal for this month is to get back into our routine Bible study. I’m not going to do four days a week, though, because Elijah’s (16) high school coursework is pretty intense. Instead, we’re going to focus on doing Bible study once a week.

Homeschool Goals
Weekly Bible study is one of my monthly homeschool goals for November.

Take the kids on three field trips this month.

If you read my previous post about field trips, you know how much I love taking my kids out and about to explore our community. I am hoping to take the kids on three field trips this month. I would like to take them on a nature hike to one of our big metro parks. I am still planning our other two field trips. A trip to the movie theater sounds really nice, too!

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Bird Island
Elijah and Zhen exploring Bird Island in Michigan.

Catch up on data entry for homeschool record keeping.

I use Homeschool Tracker for all of our school record keeping. It’s a great online service for homeschoolers and I highly recommend it! I’ve been a member of Homeschool Tracker since 2013. I use it to keep track of my kids’ assignments, lesson plans, grades, and more. Since the summertime, I have fallen behind on my record keeping. Thankfully, though, I have been writing our schedules and assignments down so all I have to do is input it into the system.

Schedule yearly doctor checkups and bi-yearly dentist checkup.

One thing about having a baby is they always have to go to the doctor for their well-baby visits. So add in my three children’s yearly visits and then dentist checkups and what do you get? A lot of time spent at the dentist and doctor! My goal for November is to get those dentist checkups scheduled and yearly well-child appointments, too. We might just have to make a day of it!

Get the house ready for our family visit.

My mom, sister, and nephew are going to visit us for Thanksgiving. They will be staying for a week. This means I have to get our home ready and also plan our Thanksgiving dinner menu. Whew! That is probably a nice week project, right there. This will be a first big family visit, too!

pumpkin patch
Elijah and Michala with their cousin Landon at the pumpkin patch (October 2008).

I’ll be honest with you. This is my first time writing down my monthly goals. But after put it all in writing, I feel like I can clearly see what I need to accomplish. I plan on keeping my monthly goals on a bulletin board near my teacher/work space. It will be a great daily reminder for me of what I need to stay focused on for the month.

Homeschool Goals Pin
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Do you have a goal or two you’re focusing on this month?

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