Summer Break & Pregnancy Update

Hi, Friends!

Well, it’s almost that time. I’m getting closer to my due date! As of June 11, 2017, I am 8 months pregnant! I feel so excited that I’m nearing my due date and at the same time I always want to savor these last few weeks of pregnancy. I can’t believe my sweet baby boy will be here in eight weeks!

We’re preparing for Baby’s arrival and also doing a little light homeschooling for June and part of July. Not to mention, we also have other summer plans which are keeping us really busy. Here’s what’s new with the fam and I.

32 Weeks Pregnant

Hello to the eighth month of pregnancy! Yep, that’s right– I am at 8 months now! I have 8 weeks to go before I reach my due date. I think I will have this baby “on time”, meaning near or on the due date. With my fourth baby, I had him about 12 days late. He is the only baby I have had late. My former midwife thought the reason why I had Zechariah late is because he was a big baby, weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds!

Thankfully, Baby #5 is not measuring larger than he should. My doctor and I both agree I will have Baby near or on my due date. I’m hoping this will not change because waiting almost two weeks past your due date is just torture. Not to mention, being medically induced for labor is NO FUN!

32 weeks pregnant with Baby #5!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Zechariah!

Zechariah turned 2-years-old on Friday, June 9th! I can’t believe my baby boy is now TWO! We celebrated his birthday in the city with cake and pizza. It was a very lovely evening as we sat in a plaza area and enjoyed the summer night of the city life. My kids love going to Downtown Detroit for events and exploring so celebrating in the city was perfect for us! 🙂

Happy 2nd birthday, Zechariah!

Light Blog Post Schedule for the Summertime

I’m going to take a little summer break from the homeschool blog and decrease the amount of times I share a new post. I may post once a week or once every two weeks. It all depends on our summer schedule. I plan on getting back to a regular blog posting routine in late summer, especially once we’re settled with Baby.

I’ve also been very busy with my lifestyle blog Good Life Detroit. It seems the summertime is busy season for my beloved city blog. I am definitely not complaining because I enjoy attending events and sharing my love for Detroit! If you want to checkout my lifestyle blog, click here to visit the main blog website!


Regular Updates on Social Media

You can still find me on social media– Instagram and Twitter. I regularly post on my Instagram account if you want to see how our summer’s going and find out any pregnancy or baby news. My social media accounts are below if you would like to follow along.

If you want to reach out to me, you can also email me (see link below).


I hope you have a happy summer! God bless you!

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Instagram: @jmhamra

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